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Tools are the tools that allow us to carry out our work in the most effective and precise way possible. Our tools consist of both manual tools ( flexible, air hammers, chisel scrapers, subie, sponge sheets, etc.) and more advanced machines:

5 CNC milling cutters with z-axis up to 1400 mm which gives us a large maneuvering space, a waterjet, also we have manual polishers and toroidal edge polishers up sp cm 6 discount manual and we are also equipped with a large area for the preposa.

Venturini Marmi

Venturini Marmi Srl is a company specialised in the processing of natural stone for public and residential architecture, urban and interior design and naval furniture. Attentive to innovation and the research of materials, it has entered as an ideal partner for all operators in the sector that realise important and prestigious architectural projects.

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+39 0585 241737

Via Enrico Mattei, 21, 54100 Massa (MS)

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