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Venturini Marmi Srlu is a company specialized in the processing of natural stone for public and residential architecture, street furniture, interior design and naval furniture.


Over the years the company has expanded its production capacity, both from a quantitative and qualitative point of view: attentive to innovation and the research of materials, particularly sensitive to the latest trends in contemporary architecture, Venturini Marmi has adopted new processing methods and advanced technological systems. The company has distinguished itself as an ideal partner among operators in the sector who carry out important and prestigious architectural projects.


Our artisan approach, supported by new technologies, allows us to treat each "piece" with specific attention and care. We dream that our company will increasingly become a forge of study and analysis in which a multi-professional team collaborates in the realization of complex projects, daring projects.


Our dream is to create increasingly complex processes, increasingly refined finishes, capable of maximizing the potential of the raw material and its intrinsic beauty. Resourcefulness, skill and an eye to the future have allowed us to create a harmony between the research of materials and the projects to fulfil.

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